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Our business process typically involves three stages:


Berube Communications consultants meet with your key management and staff to find out about the current and past communications practices of your organization and about your communications objectives. We help you answer the following questions:
  • How effective have your communications activities been in the past?
  • How do your stakeholders, customers and/or members perceive you?
  • What are your communications objectives?
  • Who is your audience and what information do they need from you?
  • What is your message?
  • Why type(s) of communications vehicle are most appropriate for your message?
  • What is your budget and what types of resources do you currently have?
  • What is your timeline?
  • How will you measure the success of your communications?
The resulting communications plan will offer goals, objectives and an action plan.


Your communication may be a simple press release, or it may be a print publication, or even a complex website. At this stage, writers, editors and designers create the words and images that carry your message. We use an interative process in which your management monitors work in progress to ensure your messaging goals are being met.


We understand the technical details of getting communications published in print or on the web in a timely fashion. Using the same iterative process as in the creation of the material, we develop the final communications products in preparation for distribution.

Interactive Learning Systems

Interactive Learning Systems

Software Kinetics, an Ottawa-based IT services company, contracted Berube Communications to write and produce a web-based interactive training program for dispatchers and members who use the RCMP's dispatch and mobile applications.

We recreated the complete user interface, consisting of hundreds of application screens, and created usage scenarios and voice narration to guide trainees through the applications.