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Brian Berube

Brian Berube, Berube Communications Group, OttawaBrian Berube is a seasoned communications professional with a strong background in information technology, publishing, journalism and business development. His technical skills include more than a decade of experience with web programming languages and databases, web graphic design, and the development of data-driven websites. He is equally proficient with print publishing technologies and processes.

Over his career, Brian has worked in business development in the corporate world, at a variety of national health associations, as co-owner and managing editor of a successful publishing company, and as a journalist for many leading national and international publications. Brian has served as the Associate Editor of the Canadian Medical Association Journal, as a clinical reporter for The Medical Post, as editor-in-chief of Runner Canada magazine and Wellness MD, and as managing editor of a variety of medical and business publications. He is the author of the book "Understanding Canadian Nonprescription Drugs: A Consumer's Guide to Safe Use", and was managing editor of the "Canadian Medical Association Guide to Prescription and Over-the-Counter Drugs." His career also included the posts of Associate Director of Publications for the Canadian Medical Association and Director of Publications for a Montreal-based medical communications company. As a freelance writer, Brian has written hundreds of articles for publications in Canada, the United States and Australia, including Maclean's, Canada's national current affairs magazine.

Brian is a graduate of McGill University.

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Internet Learning Programs

Internet Learning Systems

The Internet provides a simple, cost-effective way of providing education programs. The Canadian Forces program for physician assistants offered refresher training in gastrointestinal, neurological and psychatric disorders. The training modules included interactive self-assessments.